Science Ambassador Spotlight: Diana Medina-Yerena

By CNAS Communications Staff |

Name: Diana Medina-Yerena
Major: Biochemistry
2018-2019: 4th Year Student

Science Ambassador Diana Medina-Yerena

"If someone were to tell fifteen year old Diana that she would be in my position right now, no part of her would believe this. After my first visit to the UCR campus I knew this was where I had the best chance of being the happiest undergraduate. In my time at UCR I have made life-long friends, I have traveled the country, and been involved in numerous opportunities that have shown me my likes and dislikes. I truly believe that if I were to have attended a different school, I would not have had the chance to experience half the opportunities that I've taken a part in. One of those experiences has been participating in the Science Ambassador program. Being able to spread my love of science to the younger generations, participate in diverse campus events and give back to my community along with some of the best people in CNAS has been an amazing opportunity.."

What is something you wish to master?
I want to master the piano. It has been a goal of mine since I can remember and one I have yet to start working on. I want to be the person that walks into a room with a random piano and shocks everyone with my piano skills.

What were you like in elementary school?
I was once asked to deliver a paper to another teacher, but I was too scared to enter the room so I left the paper in a bush and told my teacher I had delivered it. I think it is safe to say that in elementary school I was the super shy girl. At every parent teacher conference there was the, “Your daughter is doing good, but we wish she would talk more” discussion.

Imagine conjuring up a new language. What would it be like?
My new language would be a mixture of some of the most spoken languages in the world. I would want it to be accessible to many people, so we don’t have to expect for people on the other side of the world to learn our language.

If I gave you 100,000 dollars, would you be able to live without your smartphone for a year
Yes, I believe that I would be able to go a year without a smartphone. I think it would be a learning experience and would give me more time to spend the money you gave me.

Is there anything you would like to try at UCR, but haven't got around doing?
I want to go to the top of the bell tower.



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