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Science Ambassador Leadership Team (2021-2022)

Co-President: Dhiresh Bandaru 4th year, Neuroscience
Co-President: Aya Serhan 4th year, Biochemistry
Co-Vice President (Projects & Events Facilitator): Swati Bhalla
Co-Vice President (Projects & Events Facilitator): Saba Shaikh 4th year, Biology
Co-Vice President (Media & Communications): Shloka Homa 3rd Year, Cellular, Molecular, Developmental Biology
Co-Vice President (Media & Communications): Andrew Nguyen 3rd Year, Microbiology
Vice President (Tour Ambassador): Jorg Galang 3rd year, Neuroscience
Vice President (Virtual Tour Ambassador): Ivan Perez 4th year, Biology
Vice President (Social Coordinator): Selim Zoorab 4th year, Physics
Co-Vice President (Mentoring & Professional Development): Corey Paget 4th year, Biology
Co-Vice President (Mentoring & Professional Development): Ginny Winters 4th year, Geology

Director: Connie Nugent, CNAS Divisional Dean for Student Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Cell Biology

If you have any questions about the CNAS Science Ambassadors, please send an email to

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