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What is the Science Ambassador Program?

The Science Ambassadors program is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students to represent UC Riverside’s College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences to internal and external constituents. The Science Ambassadors are the face of the program and assist the college as a host during official functions, make presentations where required, and act as a student liaison with the various communities that CNAS serves both on and off campus, with a particular emphasis on recruiting events and activities.

Within the program, Science Ambassadors also have the opportunity to participate in outreach projects with local Riverside elementary, middle, and high schools. These Science Ambassador projects — BROTHERSDelta Sify, Little Einsteins, SISTERS, and SMASH — offer unique opportunities for Science Ambassadors to share their passion for the sciences with students at our local schools.

Science Ambassadors are well-versed with their majors and UCR and can communicate their knowledge and experience to prospective students and their families. They are highly involved in activities outside of the classroom, including undergraduate research, student life, athletics, etc. Each Science Ambassador has a distinct voice and a unique story which all contribute to the diversity of the College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences at UC Riverside.

CNAS Science Ambassadors adhere to the highest standards of student conduct and academic integrity.

How Can I Become a Science Ambassador?

Applications for incoming transfer students have reopened! Here is the link for Science Ambassador Applications for transfer students.

Additional information:

This application is due Friday, Oct.20th by 9:00 am.

• Must be a CNAS major
• Minimum 3.33 (B+) cumulative UCR GPA
• Must have attended UCR for at least one quarter and completed 12 units, or must be a new transfer student.
• Must be able to commit to six quarters (two academic years) in the program, completing at least six events and eight hours on special Science Ambassador outreach projects each year.


Qualifications / Requirements

  • Must be a science major
  • Minimum 3.33 cumulative GPA
  • Must have attended UCR for at least one quarter and completed 12 units
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Commit to six quarters (two academic years) in the Science Ambassador Program
  • Commit to at least six events per year that include weekends or weeknights, and eight hours per year of project time.

Attend an orientation meeting and team building activity in October and monthly meetings thereafter



  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Development leadership, group dynamics, communication, and public speaking skills
  • Meet, interact, and network with other students, faculty, administrators, community members, and the CNAS Deans
  • Résumé enhancement
  • Recognition at graduation with a Science Ambassador sash and reserved seating for family (benefits accrue to those who meet the minimum commitment requirements below)


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