Science Ambassador Spotlight: Hazel Anne Salvador

By CNAS Communications Staff |

Name: Hazel Anne Salvador
Major: Biology
2019-2020: 4th year student

Science Ambassador Hazel Anne Salvador

"UC Riverside truly cares about giving their students all the opportunities to reach their dreams. Take advantage of the opportunities UCR has from the summer research programs to the free tutoring at the Academic Resource Center. While college is difficult, remember that there are many people who can support you. Don’t be scared to reach out for help. At the same time, remember to support and encourage those around you at UCR. You never know how much your actions could positively impact others."

What has your participation in the Science Ambassador Program taught you?
While the Science Ambassador Program has taught me many important lessons on leadership, teamwork, and community service, my involvement has taught me the importance of mentoring the youth. Through participating in the SISTERS and Little EINSTEINs projects as well as the Riverside County Science Fair events, I was amazed at the curiosity and ambition of young students. I've met students as young as 9 years old who can distinguish between different states of matter and even others as young as 11 years old who can understand the impacts of stress on mental health. Mentoring students is important because we can use our talents to spark their potential, empower them to achieve their goals, and encourage them to continue pursuing higher education. I am truly grateful for my Science Ambassador experiences for they have made me into a more compassionate person and taught me the importance of supporting others.

What’s your favorite ride at Disneyland? Why?
Hands down, my favorite ride at Disneyland would be Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout. I get a rush of adrenaline as soon as I feel the drop coming. I coincidentally met Chris Pratt on the ride there!

What is your “go-to” boba drink?
My go-to boba drink is most certainly brown sugar milk tea.




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