Dominique Hemendez

Dominique (Domo) Hemedez


About Me:

Hi everyone! My name is Dominique or Domo for short and I am a second year cellular, molecular, developmental biology (CMDBio) major. Within UCR, I have had the opportunity to delve into what it means to be a pre-med student through clubs and organizations. One I am especially involved in has been the American Medical Student Organization at UCR, the largest pre-med/pre-health organization on campus! During my first year, I was able to grow my leadership and teamwork skills, as well as my passion for digital media creating, serving as a Publicity Committee member. Moreover, I am continuing that passion through serving as the current Publicity chair for AMSA, and looking forward to the future serving as the next vice president! If you are interested in pre-med or pre-health opportunities, I highly recommend AMSA @ UCR if you want to grow your passion and discover opportunities within the community. Additionally, staying connected to my roots has always been important to me so I am fortunate to have such an amazing FIlipino organization on campus, Katipunan! And of course, I am a part of the CNAS Science Ambassador team where my passion for giving back to the youth of the community really shines through where we act as a bridge towards K-12 students and future education in STEM with projects, hands-on experiments, tutoring, and more!

Outside of UCR, building on my passion of giving back to the youth of the community, I have had the opportunity to volunteer at a STEM-based interactive museum for youth, Discovery Cube. There, I was able to find the joy of working with kids and seeing their minds at work, solidifying my goal of giving back to the youth as becoming a pediatrician. Moreover, I also have had the opportunity to gain experience in the medical field by volunteering at a local hospital near my hometown in the oncology department. Seeing the complexities of the development of cancer and seeing the intricacies that go into the treatment made me fascinated with cellular development, making me choose this major in the first place and influencing maybe a specialty in oncology as well!

In my free time, I love to bake and cook as I believe the way to one’s heart is through their stomach haha. Additionally, another wild card for hobbies is scuba diving! The underwater world is so complex and the fact that there’s so much left to explore is truly fascinating. If you love the ocean and love exploring, I highly recommend getting a license :D! 

Okay, enough about me, I would love to get to know you all and of course if you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to reach me through my e-mail LinkedIn below!

Goals and Aspirations:

Some academic aspirations I have is definitely building my portfolio as a pre-med student, like exploring research opportunities, clinical experience, and more! Specifically, I would love to explore even more opportunities within the IE on community-based organizations as well as discovering more research or clinical experiences offered around UCR. After graduation, I aim to go into medical school with the intent of becoming a pediatrician, continuing the passions I’ve mentioned and more!

Contact Me:

dheme001 [at] ucr [dot] edu

My LinkedIn

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