Jorg Galant

Jorg Galang



About Me:

Hello! My name is Jorg Galang and I am a 4th year Neuroscience major, Psychology minor. In my free time, I enjoy working out, cooking, eating, and sleeping. In regards to academics, I was a former pre-med student with a lot of involvement in our School of Medicine pipeline programs such as Future Physician Leaders and Mini Medical School. I am currently the co-president of the CNAS Science Ambassadors program, as well as a research assistant in Dr. Kate Sweeney’s Life Events Lab. I am also part of the UCR Muay Thai club, as well as Tzu Ching which is a Buddhist community service organization. I am currently pursuing a career in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry in the near future, and hoping to return to graduate school for clinical psychology after a few gap years. 

Goals and Aspirations:

  1. Industry work post-graduation
  2. Return to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology


CNAS Science Ambassadors Co-President: CNAS's main outreach program that works in conjunction with RUSD and the surrounding community

Mini Medical School Nutrition Project Leader: School of Medicine Pipeline Program

Life Events Lab: Research Assistant

Tzu Ching: General Member

UCR Muay Thai: General Member

Bartender at Alaska Crab

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