Madeleine Haddad

Madeleine Haddad

Vice President of Media and Communications


About Me:

I am a third-year pure math major minoring in environmental science and public policy! As the Vice President of Media and Communications, I'm looking forward to establishing a brand for the Science Ambassadors and spreading the word about the program. I also can't wait for this year's CNAS Science Lecture Series. I work in the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Group under Dr. Hopkins and am a UC LEADS scholar. I have also done math research in the past, and I'm excited to start a new math project soon! In my free time, I enjoy juicing, reading tarot, crocheting, knitting, and sewing!

Goals and Aspirations:

I'd like to get my PhD in pure math, specifically dynamical systems. Beyond that, I'd like to stay in academia, and become a math professor while conducting research in environmental science and climate change. I'd like to apply the dynamical systems theory I learn to real-world systems like the atmosphere and the ocean.


The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Group: I've been looking at traffic emissions in LA throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more here.

UC LEADS: The UC LEADS program has given me funding to conduct two summers of research at UC! In 2022, I worked in the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Group with Dr. Hopkins, and in 2023, I am working in the Surface Processes Group at UCSB with Dr. Ganti.

University Honors: For my capstone project, I am working with Dr. Zhang on a problem in dynamical systems. We are specifically looking at uniform hyperbolicity of SL(2, R) matrices.

Math Research: I've completed a pure math project in knot theory (I have my own theorem!), and I am currently working on an applied math project on the mathematical modeling of breast cancer.

California Ecology and Conservation Course: For the Fall 2023 quarter, I will spend seven weeks camping and conducting research throughout the UC Natural Reserve System!

Contact Me:

mhadd009 [at] ucr [dot] edu

my LinkedIn

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