Syreze San Andres

Syreze San Andres


About Me:

Hello! My name is Syreze San Andres and I am a fourth year Neuroscience Major and Environmental Science Minor. In my free time, I enjoy yoga and crystal collecting. In regards to academics, I focus on the correlation between neurotoxins as well as environmental determinants and socioeconomic factors, working as a research assistant in both the Huffman Laboratory in Psychology and the Ying Laboratory in Environmental Sciences. I am also the Director of the UCR Health: Clinical and Administrative Program (CAP) and a Chancellor’s Research Fellow. I am currently pursuing a career in medicine.

Goals and Aspirations:

As an undergrad, I strive to create an environment that represents women of color pursuing a career in the sciences. After I graduate, I plan to take a few gap years to expand my clinical experience in medically-underserved communities. I also plan to continue my research in environmental impacts on developmental health. In addition, I am making preparations to take the MCAT during my gap years. Ultimately, I would like to pursue a career in medicine and further the progression of technological advances in underrepresented communities. 


Current University Honors Student

Current Chancellor’s Research Fellow: My research focus is "Nutrient Or Neurotoxin? The Evaluation of Manganese Intake Through Food And Water." I am investigating manganese consumption via dietary and water consumption in expecting mothers and its correlation to birth defects. My PI is Dr. Samantha Ying, UCR Department of Environmental Sciences.

Current Director for UCR Health Clinical and Administrative Program (CAP): The Clinical & Administrative Program was created to provide networking opportunities, clinical experiences, and an administrative background for Pre-Health Undergraduate Students. Our mission is to educate our interns to embrace healthcare through a holistic lens and prepare aspiring healthcare professionals to be well-versed in both the clinical and administrative aspects of healthcare. As Director, I oversee 22 interns and a group 6 executive board members. I work closely with the executive board of UCR Health to spearhead a professional development campaign for undergraduate interns within the healthcare sector.

Current Supplemental Instruction Leader and Mentor: As an SI Leader, I coordinate fifty-minute sessions twice a week with the aim of demystifying topics in designated high attrition courses. As an SI Mentor, I oversee 6 mentees and design a variety of training sessions geared towards a wide variety of learning strategies.

Current Riverside Free Clinic Lung Health Committee Member: As a Lung Health Committee member, I work with patients who have expressed an interest in smoking cessation. Using a plethora of motivational interviewing skills. My team and I curate a personalized action plan for patients and provide free resources to nicotine patches and gum. 

Current Marketing Student Assistant for UCR Health: As a UCR Health Marketing Assistant, I created our Women’s Health social media campaign in collaboration with the Women’s Health physicians aim towards the underserved population of the Inland Empire. I also directed an Instagram interview series titled “Fireside Chats” where I conducted interviews from the leadership team and department chairs of UCR Health through livestreams about the company’s role in providing healthcare to the Inland Empire

Current Residential Life Program Advisor: As a PA, I work in a six-person team to design and execute weekly programs for students living in campus-affiliated housing revolving around themes of academic excellence, community engagement, justice, equity, and inclusion.

Current Undergraduate Researcher in the Huffman Lab: My current research focus is fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. I prepare fixative solutions, run behavior tests on rodent models and image/stain tissue samples. 

Current Health Professions Advising Center Ambassador: As an HPAC Ambassador, I host advising hours twice a week for underclassmen students interested in careers in healthcare. I also utilize confidentiality training in order to advise professional and academic next steps personalized to each pre-health students. Additionally, I spearhead informational workshop and events geared towards preparation for graduate careers.

Current CNAS Science Ambassador 

Contact Me:

ssan007 [at] ucr [dot] edu

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