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Delta SIFY

Delta SIFY 

Project Leaders: Sonali Bhakta, Jennalyn Resendez

Change in Scientific Importance for Youth, also known as "Delta SIFY," is a project within the UCR CNAS Science Ambassadors Program intended to demonstrate the importance of STEM in daily lives, nurture interest and confidence for students interested in science, and ultimately provide an opportunity for students to explore the process of getting into college and working in the STEM fields. We accomplish this by partnering with the 7th and 8th grade students of the Riverside STEM Academy. Read more about the specifics of what we do below!

  • Science Olympiad

    Undergraduate Science Ambassadors and Graduate Students coach middle school students for the regional Science Olympiad Competition, which is a scientific competition designed to test students about scientific disciplines spanning 23 different events surrounding life, personal and social sciences, earth and space science, physical science and chemistry, technology and engineering, and lastly inquiry and nature of science.

  • Day-In-The-Life Videos

    Science Ambassadors create Day in the Life of a UCR Student Videos featuring their daily routines, any research or lab work, areas of passion and interest, and future career aspirations. The intention is to display what an average day is like for different majors within CNAS so middle school students obtain a brief exposure to what college life entails. These videos are broadcasted to students during their morning news segment.

  • Math Team

    Science Ambassadors participate in math mentoring for RSA students interested in math, with the overall purpose of preparing middle school students for math competitions such as Math Olympiad and MATHCOUNTS.

  • Curriculum-Based Lesson Plans

    In Winter and Spring quarters, Delta SIFY collaborates with 8th Grade teachers to form curriculum-based lesson plans. Curriculum-based lesson plans intend to bridge classroom learning with scientific and mathematical experiments, allowing middle school students to apply and visualize the knowledge being taught to them in their classes through a physical experimental format. We correlate the hands-on lesson plans alongside the curriculum taught in the classroom and connect scientific concepts and applications of experiments with careers in STEM.

  • Highlander Invitational

    The goal of the Highlander Invitational is to drive engagement in STEM and foster the creative talent of youth minds. Science Olympiad provides a unique opportunity for students to learn and collaborate in a curiosity-driven, competitive environment, and we aim to deliver this premier experience to students in the Inland Empire, Southern California, and beyond.

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  • CNAS+Ag Ops Field Trip

    The goal of the CNAS+Ag Ops Field Trip is to bring 8th Graders to our college campus to give them experiences such as touring the University, interacting with college students and faculty, all while learning about campus research and developments in agriculture and environmental science. By doing this, we will provide a dynamic learning experience to the students, and give our volunteers a chance to serve as mentors and role models to the community. Essentially, we want to welcome the students to our campus in order to encourage the next generations to apply to UCR!

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