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CNAS Science Ambassador

Leadership Team Qualifications and Responsibilities



The Science Ambassador Leadership Team is a group of students who provide leadership to the Science Ambassador Program and help support the outreach and promotion of the college by:
  • Working closely with College leaders and staff
  • Representing the Ambassadors at meetings and providing regular feedback
  • Managing projects identified by the Ambassadors
  • Recruiting new Science Ambassadors and assisting with volunteer management



Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Same as CNAS Science Ambassador Application
  • Must be a returning CNAS Science Ambassador
  • Must have demonstrated leadership qualities


Duties and Responsibilities:

Members of the leadership team must be able to commit to 6 - 8 hours per month (with 1 – 2 hours each week for team meetings and one two-hour meeting a month for the full membership meetings).  Meeting these commitments is necessary to remain on the team.  All leadership team members are expected to help each other and make sure that our group operates well together.


  • Training and experience in professional leadership
  • Improved connection to the College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences and UCR
  • Small-group meetings with CNAS deans, staff, faculty and community leaders


  • Preside over leadership team meetings
  • Communicate regularly with team members
  • Assist with team member assignments and directives
  • Give formal report at general meetings
  • Communicate regularly with CNAS program director and coordinator
  • Serve as liaison to other ambassador programs and student orgs on campus
  • Ensure reliability, consistency and sustainability of Leadership Team

Vice President (Project & Events Facilitator)

  • Event set up and logistics. Will work closely with CNAS program director and coordinator
  • Oversee Science Ambassador Projects
  • Maintain a record of the number of hours SA spend on events and projects
  • Lead evaluation of new projects

Vice President (Media & Communications)

  • Review and update the CNAS Science Ambassador Website
  • Manage SA social media
  • Manage photographs and video recordings of events and activities as appropriate
  • Manage new members’ photos and business cards
  • Work with CNAS communications director to highlight stories and news

Vice President (Tour Ambassador)

  • Serve as liaison with campus tour department to develop special tours for the college
  • Make tour schedule and routes for major recruitment events, as well as VIP tours/li>
  • Help train Science Ambassadors to lead CNAS tours

Vice President (Virtual Tour Ambassador)

  • Work with CNAS communications to develop special virtual tours for the college
  • Work to create content for tour videos and live virtual tours for recruitment and VIP tours
  • Help train Science Ambassadors to lead CNAS virtual tours

Vice President (Social Coordinator)

  • Coordinate, schedule and manage social events/team building activities

Vice President (Mentoring & Professional Development)

  • Develop and coordinate a Big/Little program among Science Ambassadors
  • Assist in programming professional development for Science Ambassadors

Science Ambassador Leadership Team (2023-2024)

Co-President: Jennalyn Resendez 4th year, Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology
Co-President: Jared Hudnall 4th year, Physics
Vice President of Projects & Events: Linlin Liu 4th year, Statistics
Vice President of Media & Communications: Sakshi Nikte 3rd Year, Data Science
Vice President of Tours: Nicolas Sanchez 4th year, Biochemistry
Vice President of Community Building: Briana Baldovinos 4th year, Neuroscience

Director: Connie Nugent, CNAS Divisional Dean for Student Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Cell Biology

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